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Overview - 7-8 Days - Difficulty: Challenging/ Very Challenging - Classification: Remote wilderness trekking
This is a challenge worth the undertaking. Located at Vancouver Island's most northerly point, the North Coast trail offers a superlative wilderness experience. Find yourself trekking through ancient rain forests, along white sand beaches and windswept headlands. This epic journey is also home to many histories: age-old First Nations settlement, the failed Danish settlement of 1897, WWII's radar defense station, and many other attempts to live in and explore this remote coastal environment. 


A complete itinerary including maps and an equipment & clothing list will be provided upon registration.


Whats included?  Major first aid supplies, emergency radio and/or satellite phone, trip organization/bookings, program facilitation and professional lead guides. 

*Assistant guides and/or gear rentals are available upon request.

Day One: Travel from point of origin (i.e. Victoria) to the town of Port Hardy. Here we will set up camp at the local campground and commence our trip orientation.

Day Two: Today we enjoy a scenic water taxi ride to Shushartie Bay. Here we embark on our long journey ahead to Skinner Creek, 8.7km. We say goodbye to the ocean views and hike up and into a coastal bog ecosystem, with lots of mud and, at times, boardwalks to aid our step. At day's end we arrive at Skinner Creek and a nice pebble beach to rest our feet.

Day Three: Today we head for Cape Sutil, 7.3km. After leaving our camp, we head into the forest and will be navigating difficult terrain and tide dependent shortcuts. This a challenging day, but well worth it; we will get to cross the Nahwitti River cable car, and enjoy scenic views of ancient rain forests, and the expansive Pacific ocean. Our camp will be on a beautiful sandy beach with excellent sunset views, near Cape Sutil's historic First Nation settlement.

Day Four: Today we make our way to Shuttleworth Bight, 7.8km. This leg of the jourey will involve many steep headlands that we'll need to traverse. The work out will pay off with many pocket beaches, ocean views, and a breathtaking white sand beach at Shuttleworth Bight, our resting place for the evening.

Day Five: Today we head for Laura Creek, 11.8km. This is a predominantly coastal section of the trail, with many sea stacks, pocket beaches, and ancient Sitka Spruce. While today is longer in distance, the difficulty eases and the Strandby River valley will offer a change in scenery. We will walk the old Corduroy Settlers road, enjoy another cable car and find colorful tide pools to explore at Laura Creek campsite.


Day Six: Today we make our way to Nels Bight, 14km. We will leave camp and head inland through dense forest and bog, and wind our way over mixed terrain to Nissen Bight. This is a good camp location if the group or weather is in a foul mood. If we decide to carry on, the trail will ease and become well-trodden and luxurious for our tired feet. The new path will bring us to the old Danish settlements, Hansen Lagoon, and eventually to our next campsite on Nels Bight, a vast sandy beach.

Day Seven: Today we rest, and explore the cultural and historical significance of the Cape Scott area. We will be going on a day hike to the Cape Scott lighthouse, where we will have majestic views and time to think back on the history of such a wild place. At day's end we will spend our second night at our beach camp; sunset and tea sounds good to me.

Day Eight: Today we leave our beach camp and head for the Cape Scott parking lot, 17km. This is a long, yet flat and easy path. We will walk this long stretch of settler road, with many old growth stands of Sitka Spruce and Red Cedar, and probably a fellow hiker or two. This is a beautiful stretch to end the journey on and a great way to wind down before our drive home.

Once we get to the Cape Scott parking lot, we will get ready for our journey back to civilization i.e. Victoria.

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Dates & Pricing

Cost: Starting at $2,595 (8 days) Lead Guide

Trip lengths may be customized to fit your needs.                                    for more info!

Dates: North Coast Trail bookings are available for school groups May 1st to Sept 20th. Call us today to book your North Coast Trail adventure.

Group Min: 8 People (including guides, teachers and chaperones) Group Max: 15 People (including guides, teachers and chaperones)

A 25% deposit is required to hold reservations. Deposits may only be refunded if trip is canceled 60 days prior to start date. Full payment is required 30 days prior to start date.