Students on the Juan de Fuca Trail

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Innovate, Explore, Survive

ReWild offers more than an adventure; it offers a holistic approach to outdoor education. Students will take part in a series of inquisitive quests that see themselves in the most pristine and ecologically diverse places in British Columbia. 


Hiking and canoeing expeditions set the stage for our multi-day and week-long adventure programs on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Beginning in grade 9 and progressing through to grade 12, students will prepare a unique opportunity for inquiry in a topic related to the adventure. Some of the topics encouraged involve:​ First Nations history, photography, botany & ecology, environmental sustainability and philosophy.


Duke of Edinburgh Award: Adventurous Journey 


  • Earn your Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey with Gaia Wild Adventures!

  • Qualifies for: Bronze, Silver or Gold (depending on nature and length of trip)

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Ages 14 - 18

Coastal Hiking Discovery - Juan de Fuca Trail

Program Cost: $395 including tax    Duration - 3 days                                   

Students on the Juan de Fuca Trail

Students will prepare and plan for a 5 day hiking expedition on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Preparation for the adventure involves the following:

  • Two preparation days (overnight)

  • Practice hikes

  • Gear prep & knowledge

  • Backcountry etiquette (Leave No Trace)

  • Risk Management

  • Map reading

  • Nutrition

  • Scheduling

  • Leadership roles

  • Planning & implementing student inquiries

While on the trail students will be learning to work together, creating a team, and understanding their individual strengths. There will be educational sessions throughout the journey, as well as student led presentations and activities regarding their inquiry topics. At the end of the journey there will be a reflective and evaluative process involving group discussion and personalized feedback.

West Coast Hiking Expedition - Nootka Island

Program Cost: $1,150 including tax    Duration - 8 days                                   


Ages 14- 18
Crossing at Calvin Falls

Upon completion** of the Innovators program, students are invited to take the next step and join our Explorers program. The Explorers program emphasizes self-discovery and the evolution of one's inquiry topic. Students will be taking it to the next level, with more onuses on taking initiative, building relationships and becoming a responsible leader.


Explorers will plan and prepare for a 7 day hiking expedition on Nootka Island, off the west coast of Vancouver Island. This is a trip of a lifetime and a chance to learn and grow in B.C's pristine wilderness.

Note: Two preparation days included prior to expedition

**If a student has yet to participate in the Innovators program, they may still sign up for the Explorers program. It's important that they are either 15 years of age or older and have relevant camping/hiking experience.

The Edge of the World's  - North Coast Trail*

Program Cost: Coming 2019 including tax    Duration - 10 days                                   


Ages 16 - 18
Beano Creek - Nootka Trail

Upon completion of the Explorers program, students are invited to take the next step and join our Survivors program. This is the final and most rewarding stage in the ReWild adventure camp series. With an exceptional list of experiences and knowledge, students are now ready to take on a new challenge.


Our new student leaders are now given the chance to collectively take charge of their adventure. With professional guides along the way, the Gaia team supports and observes the group, as they collaborate together to lead us to a successful backcountry experience.

Note: Two preparation days included prior to expedition

Some 8 day trip options include:

  • North Coast Trail

  • Strathcona Park 

  • Desolation Sound (canoeing)

  • Nootka Island